This year, we are launching our #LoveYourself campaign to support this year’s theme. The objectives of this campaign are as follows:

  • To educate the community about the importance of self love.
  • To spread the awareness on how art can become a medium of therapy.
  • To create good relationship between ArtXpression Festival with the community.
  • To create good relationship between Multimedia University with other institutional bodies.
  • To promote counselling services and products.

A group of individuals in MMU Cyberjaya has been picked to become the face of this campaign. Our #LoveYourself campaign ambassadors are the proofs that after all the struggles that ones has faced in his/her past, one can change to become a better person and enjoying his/her life to the fullest.


Aliya Marissa

She is one of our Media and Marketing think-thanker and also an economic student. She was raised in an all-girls family and she has her own struggles that leads to her success today.

Noman Sadiq

He is the President of International Students Society of Multimedia University, Melaka. What everyone sees him today is not how he is before. Being the youngest in the family, studying away from his family build his leadership skills which beneficial for him today.


This is Shantiynee. She studied in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya and during her free time, she likes to read books. Her perspectives on #LoveYourself is very unique until we decided to document this and appoint her as our #LoveYourself campaign ambassador.

Adina Marsya

She is a really crazy cat lover. Adina Marsya is our Multimedia University student and she has her own thoughts on #LoveYourself

Syakirah Ramlan

She is currently studying in the Faculty of Applied Communications. Syakirah is one of Theatre at MMU (TAMU) club members. TAMU has been working very close with ArtXpression Festival and we wanted to listen on what our beloved TAMU people were thinking about our this year’s effort.

Wilson Hong

He was the Head of Technical AV in the AXF 2018 Production Team. Currently, he is doing his internships but he manages to spare some time to have a chat with us. Despite the struggles that he faced during his post high-school life, he step up his game and face the challenge.

Malik Ridhwan

This year’s ArtXpression Festival is led by Malik Ridhwan. He is a second year student in Faculty of Computing and Informatics. Pursuing his studies in Computer Science never stops him from having passion in arts. His story during high school was really interesting and we are really amazed on how he can overcome those struggles.

Atiqah Jani

ArtXpression Festival has been for three years up until today because of her. Atiqah Jani is a counsellor in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. Being very special and unique in her own ways, she blends the counselling elements (psychologically) together with arts and created a better method to overcome mental issues.