As an effort to bring in the counselling elements into this event, one of the highlights that we have include inside ArtXpression Festival is the Forum of Xpression. We invite speakers that works along in psychological field or artists that we can relate their life with our event theme to speak up and share their thoughts on what we’re focusing on that year. The talk will be held in Bahasa and is open to public.

LET’S TALK: Mental Health Townhall Session

LET’S TALK: Mental Health Townhall Session is a sub-event under AXF Night 2020.

This is a collaboration between ArtXpression Festival 2020 and PENGASIH Malaysia. A townhall session will be held as an initiative to create awareness about mental health issues. We will invite speakers from Ministry of Health, PENGASIH Malaysia and a celebrity.

AXF Night 2020 will be held on 13th April 2020 at Dewan Tun Canselor, MMU Cyberjaya. Tickets are sold at #.

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ArtXpression Festival 2019: Forum of Xpression

AXF 2019: Forum of Xpression Official Poster

ArtXpression Festival Night 2019 brings in our favourite childhood Pontianak; Ms. Maya Karin and two well-known social media influencers, Aidil Iman (@sunfloweraidil) and Azfar Firdaus (@azfarovski) as invited speakers for our Forum of Xpression. As an intermission highlights between Stage of Xpression, these three will share their stories on their life struggles and how they overcome it by loving themselves. A Q&A sessions will be open for the public to ask our influencers some questions.

AXF Night 2019 will be held on 9th September 2019 at Multipurpose Hall, MMU Cyberjaya. Tickets are sold at RM10 per person.

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ArtXpression Festival 2018: Meet and Greet

AXF 2018 Meet and Greet Official Poster

AXF 2018 presents Meet and Greet with Social Media Influencers. We invite Hazeman Huzir, Syafawati from Motif Viral! and owner of Bougas Beauty, Erni Bougas. We invited them over to share about their thoughts on #IAmMe and how they boost their self-confidence in front of the public.

AXF 2018: Meet and Greet was held on 25th April 2018 at Multipurpose Hall, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.