Following the Movement Control Order (MCO) made by Government of Malaysia and after taking few aspects into accounts, ArtXpression Festival 2020 #TungguSekejap proudly to conduct this event digitally. We have made changes and arranged new event highlights which are suitable and appropriate for viewer discretion. These are the highlights that has been aligned with these year’s initiatives.

1. Knowledge Sharing by Experts

ArtXpression Festival 2020 invites any experts or NGOs who interested in sharing their thoughts and perspective in related to this year’s theme, #TungguSekejap. Individuals or groups can source their contents in form of live streams, podcasts or short videos. All contents will be compiled and arranged accordingly.

2. Content Awareness by Influencers

Local celebrities and social media influencers are invited to share their thoughts and love in our special segment in the live event. Influencers will be asked few questions and their thoughts will be recorded and documented in form of videos. Influencers are also invited to participate in few interesting contents that will be arranged by the team.

3. Collaborative Contents by MMU Students and Staffs

Special performance segment will be conducted as part of the annual AXF Night. MMU students and staffs are encourage to participate in this segment by sending a short video of them doing the activities in a creative way. Best videos will be chosen and streamed during our live show.

4. Crowdfunding Initiatives

To support the COVID-19 relief fund, we will open a crowdfunding system powered by PayPal. Audience are able to source their donation for the following causes. Donations are open every day and during the live shows.